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How Pornography Destroys Your Wife

It is certainly no secret that a man’s use of pornography has a tremendous impact on his wife. Just the fact that he finds pleasure in looking at other women validates any negative feelings she may have about herself. Men find tremendous pleasure in viewing women either online or magazines who have perfect bodies, perfect smiles, and don’t talk back. These women seem to always be available for his pleasure and convenience. Pornography, just like drug and alcohol abuse, is a very selfish game that he hopes she will never discover.

The problem is she will.

At first the pornography acts a s stimulant for the man toward his wife. But soon the brain over stimulates. As the man consumes more pornography, the demand becomes greater and greater. Eventually, his wife is not enough and pornographic images take over as the means of sexual stimulation and consumption. Slowly, the sexual relationship suffers as he ignores his wife’s intimate needs in favor of the “false intimacy” of pornography. The consequences to her can be damaging beyond repair.