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Choosing Success

If you had a room full of people and asked them, “do you want success or do you want failure?” I guarantee that every single person would answer, “success.” Success is what we want! Success in our finances, success in our relationships, success in our careers, success in our health, success in our hobbies, success in everything. No one purposely chooses failure! While no one chooses failure, we choose failed actions. Failed action after failed action leads to failure in life. Failed actions are derived from failed thinking. Yes, we want success, but no, we don’t or won’t choose the hard actions that bring success. We think about success, we just don’t think successfully. We must change our thinking in order to find success. Here are some ways we kill success in our lives.

o Live in the moment. We don’t have the big picture in sight and fail to think strategically. Successful people see the end before the beginning even begins. They make long range decisions. Short term, living in the moment thinking kills success.

o Kill creativity. When we refuse to take time to simply be quiet, listen, and reflect, we kill creativity. Successful people reflect and evaluate their lives on a daily basis, and this breeds creativity and organizes chaotic thoughts. We live in a noisy world that feeds our chaos 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must find quiet time each day to reflect and allow your mind to rest (this is not a nap, but active rest). This type of rest strengthens the brain.